Friday, November 23, 2012

Sage 5.4.1 Released

Sage 5.4.1 was released on 15 November 2012. 

It is available in source and binary form from:
Sage ( is developed by volunteers and combines over 90 open source packages. For instructions about installing Sage, see

The following page lists the platforms on which Sage should work:
If you have any questions and/or problems, please report them to any of these Google groups:
You can also drop by in #sagemath on freenode or post your questions at

The following 15 people contributed to this release. Of those, 2 made their first contribution to Sage:

  - Aly Deines
  - Benjamin Hutz [first contribution]
  - Burcin Erocal
  - David Loeffler
  - Dmitrii Pasechnik
  - Jeroen Demeyer
  - John Palmieri
  - Karl-Dieter Crisman
  - Kenneth Smith
  - Paul Zimmermann
  - Punarbasu Purkayastha
  - Sarah Chisholm
  - Sebastien Gouezel [first contribution]
  - Travis Scrimshaw
  - Volker Braun

* Release manager: Jeroen Demeyer.

* We closed 13 tickets in this release. For details, see

Closed tickets:

#13309: Build Sage on OS X Mountain Lion [Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]

Merged in sage-5.4.1.rc0:

#6367: Karl-Dieter Crisman, Kenneth Smith: polygon2d -- several issues: typo in docs, shouldn't have been renamed [Reviewed by Volker Braun]
#10803: Paul Zimmermann: critical bug in real_roots [Reviewed by Jeroen Demeyer]
#12753: Benjamin Hutz: is_PrimeField import error [Reviewed by David Loeffler]
#12859: Aly Deines: quaternion algebra 'ramified at one prime' [Reviewed by Sarah Chisholm]
#13382: Dmitrii Pasechnik: build docs for SymmetricGroupRepresentation(s) [Reviewed by Volker Braun, Travis Scrimshaw]
#13533: Jeroen Demeyer: Remove "optional - gcc" from doctests [Reviewed
by Karl-Dieter Crisman, John Palmieri]
#13541: John Palmieri: update scipy to 0.11.0 [Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#13598: John Palmieri: 'x' should be defined when using 'sage -c' [Reviewed by Punarbasu Purkayastha]
#13632: Sebastien Gouezel: Fix latex display of arguments of symbolic functions [Reviewed by Burcin Erocal] 

Merged in sage-5.4.1.rc1:

#13407: Jeroen Demeyer: Move sage-make_relative to sage-location [Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#13452: Jeroen Demeyer: Refactor sage-location [Reviewed by Dmitrii Pasechnik]
#13689: Jeroen Demeyer: Fix upgrading from relocated Sage with GCC [Reviewed by John Palmieri]

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