Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sage GSoC 2014 Projects

This year, Sage is happy to announce that it will be running five Google Summer of Code projects. Welcome everyone to the Sage community and all the best to your summer filled with exiting projects ;-)

EDIT: lmonade related projects are listed here.

Nikhil Peter Raj (Volker Braun):

Improvements to the Sage Android App

This project aims to improve upon the existing app by improving both internal structure and external user experience, the former by replacing and redoing certain modules of the app (JSON Parsing, HTTP Requests and Exception Handling) and the latter by redesigning the UI so it conforms to the latest standards and specifications of Android Design, as well as adding extra features to the code input such as Syntax Highlighting and options to record and store custom inserts.

Amit Jamadagni (Miguel Angel Marco-Buzunariz)

Knot theory implementation

The project mainly deals with the implementation of various links, knots presentations and calculating various related invariants. The main aim of the project is to achieve: Conversion between different representations of Knots and Links to mention a few: Gauss code to Braid Word, Braid word to DT code, Gauss code to DT code. Implementation of various invariants: Alexander Polynomial, Conway Polynomial. Stiefert Matrix, Jones Polynomial

Jayant Apte (Stefan van Zwam)

Efficient class-specific membership checks, extensions and visualization 

First goal of this proposal is to implement efficient testing of a matroid for membership of various classes and to perform single element extensions of matroids that exploit the knowledge that a given matroid belongs to a certain class, to have lower complexity. We also propose implementation of visualization techniques and an application of matroid theory in form of enumeration of network codes for a multisource network coding problem which is one of the timely problems in information theory.

Simon Spicer (William Stein, Jonathan Bober)

Efficient exact analytic rank computation for elliptic curves in Sage

My project would be to implement functionality in Sage to compute the analytic rank of an elliptic curve exactly modulo standard conjectures, with better scaling than existing analytic rank estimation methods. This would necessitate both writing (significant amounts of) new Python and Cython code, as well as porting existing code into the Sage codebase.

Daniel Bell (Ivan Andrus)

iSage - improving the Sage iOS apps

There are several aspects of the Sage iOS apps that needs to be refreshed, improved or implemented. I propose to develop the ability to interact with several Sage services from the app, as well refresh the user interface for the app.

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